About Us

Friends, today most of the people have an open bank account. Earlier only big and rich people used to open bank accounts. But now the bank account of people of every section has been opened. Today the situation has become such that it is very important to have a bank account. Without it many of our works would not be possible.

Friends, in view of the need, we have opened accounts in the bank. But do we have the right information about the functioning of the bank? Today every bank has started online banking service. Banks want to provide maximum facilities to their customers sitting at home.

But do you know how to use the home sitting service provided by the bank? Perhaps most of the people still do not know how to use online banking, ATM card, credit card etc. properly.

That’s why we have created this website i.e. www.thebanktoday.com (The Bank Today). On this website you will get simple and complete information on how to use banking facilities correctly and safely.

If you have an account with any bank then the information provided on this website will be very useful for you. Friends, you can also visit this website directly by searching www.thebanktoday.com on Google.


“This website (www.thebanktoday.com) is not the official website of any bank and does not have any relation with any bank. This website is purely personal and has been created to provide banking information only.”

Please note :- Do not give your bank account related information like – account number, ATM card number, ATM PIN, CVV number, OTP (OTP), internet banking username and password to anyone in call or message. Along with this, do not click on any unknown link received in the message and email. If you suspect any kind of fraud, then immediately contact your bank’s customer helpline number or bank branch. The Bank Today will not be responsible for any kind of banking fraud or financial loss that may happen to you.