EPFO Launches Calculator for Higher EPS Pension 2023 Free

EPFO Launches Calculator for higher EPS Pension

EPFO Launches Calculator for Higher EPS Pension: The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has introduced a calculator to help employees calculate the amount required to get a higher pension through the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS). This Excel-based calculator allows employees to estimate the amount they need to contribute from their EPF balance or personal savings … Read more

How To Link Aadhaar Card With UAN Number 2023

link Aadhaar card With UAN number

How To link Aadhaar card With UAN Number 2023: Private employees now have the facility to settle various tasks related to their PF (Provident Fund) and pension online from the comfort of their homes. By linking their UAN (Universal Account Number) with their Aadhaar card number, they can do things like withdraw PF funds, check … Read more

EPF Deduction Rules In 2023: Complete Information

EPF Deduction Rules In Hindi

EPF Deduction Rules In Hindi: If you are employed in a private company, a part of your monthly salary is deducted and deposited in your provident fund (PF) account. Both you and your employer contribute the same percentage, resulting in a total of 24% of your salary going into your PF account. However, a significant … Read more

EPFO Balance Check: Know Your PF Balance And Number for Free 2023

EPFO Balance Check

EPFO Balance Check: If you are salaried, it is necessary to take care of your PF (Provident Fund) details, and you can easily do so in a few minutes without spending any money. You can easily find out your accumulated PF balance and monthly deduction. Lakhs of individuals in the country have PF accounts, and … Read more